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Top 10 Advantages of Coconut / Top 10 health benefits of coconut /Before consuming coconut,read this

Top 10 health benefits of coconut

Beauty benefits of coconut

Before consuming coconut, read this!

why should you eat coconut?

Cocos Nucifera which is commonly called as coconut, is native to tropics and is planted in several million acres around the tropics. The earliest references of coconut are seen in the Hindu epic Ramayana dating older than 1 century AD. The entire tree of coconut is useful to the man kind in one or other way, be in its leaves or nut or sap, offering a wide range of nutritious and delicious food varieties. As Coconut Sugar, Fresh Coconuts, Coconut milk, coconut water and coconut oil, the coconuts can be consumed in more variety of ways.

However, do not mistake refined coconut oil with pure cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil. Pure coconut oil is derived from the white meat of mature coconuts. The white flesh is shredded, and then cold processed. Unprocessed, unrefined virgin coconut oil is not hydrogenated and thus it is a safe choice for consumption.

1) Coconut contains a high amount of saturated fats but these are harmless unlike the high calorie, cholesterol-rich, long chain saturated fats. Coconuts contain Medium Chain Triglycerides which can help boost metabolism, reduce fat loss and be good health companions

2) Coconut oil is one of the most stable edible oils. It has around 61% of fibre, which when consumed slows down the release of glucose in the body and aids the glucose conversion into energy. Cytokinins, kinetin and trans-zeatin present in coconuts have anti thrombotic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-ageing effects on the body.

3) Coconuts are rich source of lauric acids too. When lauric acid is digested, it also forms a substance called monolaurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi. This makes pure virgin coconut oils a best companion for our body immunity system.

4) Consuming coconut in its raw form can help to treat some of the worst and most resilient illness caused by microbial organisms.

Coconut water supplies essential electrolytes which help in maintaining hydration. Sports enthusiasts are therefore advised to include as much coconut water as they can in their diet. Sometimes it is encouraging than normal water due to its taste apart from having abundant lauric acid levels. And the wait is now over – due to all the here mentioned properties, it cures the hangover also.

6) It makes you Pee:

The natural diuretic property of coconut treats urinary tract infections. It improves the flow of urine to get rid of the infections naturally.

7) Aahaah, your skin will be shining:

If you feel your skin is dry and flaking, try out virgin coconut oil to moisturize it. Virgin Coconut Oil also supports the skin and works to repair the damage it has acquired over time. Extra virgin coconut oil can also be used to treat dry and parched hands.

Coconut oil is excellent for keeping the skin young and beautiful. Its antioxidant property slows down the ageing process by protecting the body from harmful free radicals.

9) Only after a sunny vacation!!

Yes, once can use coconut water to reverse tanning. Apply a little virgin coconut oil on your skin before sleep, you will see the reversing of sun tan. Put a few drops of coconut oil on a cotton ball and wipe your eyes. It effectively removes the tough eye makeup by breaking down the ingredients. Apart from this, coconut oil has the tendency to keep the skin hydrated too.

10) Hairy Tale…..

The coconuts are excellent sources of copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc, folates, thiamine, pyridoxine etc., Coconut water is very refreshing and contains simple sugars, electrolytes, minerals, acid phosphatise, catalase, dehydrogenise, peroxidise and polymerases. Therefore, consuming coconut daily and applying coconut oil over the scalp promote hair growth and smoothens scalp.

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