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Pure & Natural Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil - 250 ml

  • Virgin coconut oils are not made from dried copra as conventional coconut oil but through cold extraction of virgin coconuts, thus offering us the purest form of coconut oil from fresh natural coconuts. Thus this process clearly removes the want of addition of Sulphur/other chemicals to preserve the oil for longer time. 


    Further we offer the virgin coconut oil as purely as possible without any additives that it shall be used in its natural form for any recommended applications. 


    We rate our manufacturing competence and product quality less than no one in the world. "After all, OUR QUALITY IS WHAT MAKES US STAND APART!!!!"


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  • 1) 250ml Bottles arranged in carton boxes

    2) 500ml Bottles arranged in carton boxes

    3) 200 Liter Barrels stacked on Pallets


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