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Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar

Natural, Organic and healthy 1:1 replacement for white sugar. Suitable for vegans.

  • Coconut blossom sugar are low on Glycemic Index (GI), high in nutrients and has 16 vital amino acids. It can be used as 1:1 replacement for normal sugar. It comes in the purest form without any additions for color, flavor or as preservatives.


    The Glycemic Index (GI) is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. Carbohydrates with a low GI value (55 or less) are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolized and cause a lower and slower rise in blood glucose and, therefore usually, insulin levels.


    The ingredients are only the nectar of, organically grown superior quality, coconut blossom  grown in fertile farms by experienced farmers . The nectar thus collected is filtered, processed, homogenized, dried, powdered and sieved to convert into world class Pure Organic Coconut Sugar.Attention - All of these happen in a clean & organized environment , which is an important advantage.


    This sugar is safe & healthy replacement to conventional sugar. This is not a new innovation but an age old healthy sweater which is now taken to our customers in the most desirable form.

  • 1) 250g, 500g & 1 Kg packets arranged in carton boxes

    2) 25 Kg bags

    3) 50 Kg bags


    For information on Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), Special packaging requests and OEM labels, please contact a TRANSION EXPORT representative.

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