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Young Coconuts - Trimmed

Young Coconuts - Trimmed

Healthy Young tender coconuts, trimmed and packed at its natural form.

  • Pure ..

    Our coconuts are characterized by perfect harvesting age, superior mass, appropriate size, high shelf life, purity sealed packaging & sweat water. This is only possible as they are handpicked coconuts from healthy trees of lush farms which are carefully grown by experienced farmers. 




    We take so much care to plan every step of your order from finding the right source to  getting the freshly harvested coconuts so that only superior A grade coconuts reach you in its most desirable form at the price & time promised.




    Our price will do the rest!

    We are determined to offer the most competitive & aggressive pricing every time to our customers that it always remains a WIN-WIN business. 

  • Wrapping each fresh coconut if required by the Customer 
     9 Young Husked Coconuts per carton 
       1 x 20 Foot Container =  910 Cartons   (8190 Coconuts) 
       1 x 40 Foot Container = 2050 Cartons (18450 Coconuts) 

    For Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) details and special packaing requests please contact a representative of Transion Export.

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