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Ethics Policy

TRANSION EXPORT is a company founded and run by Mrs. Vimala Rajendran - a women entrepreneur.


The coconuts are produced and the whole process of converting them into fibers, pith  and then into scrubbers, Coir Discs and other products happen in the region of Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu State in India. All of the above mentioned process are made very responsibly and sustainable. Knowing the market it addresses and the kind of end customers who buy them, we are doubly aware of the fair trade practices that we should ensure in our value chain.

As of the fair work place environment practices are concerned,

1) We do not employ under-aged and/or bonded labor
2) We offer regular time bounded work (9.45 am to 6.30 pm)
3) Provide comfortable working environment
4) Training on safety, quality control and workplace ethics

5) Offer our employees par-market salary, bonus for Diwali festival and other remuneration
6) Weekly and monthly off's
7) Free food & beverage refreshments at work place
8) Promotions, Best Performer recognition etc.,

As of the product itself is concerned, there are no environmentally harmful additions in any of our products. One residue in coconut value chain is used as a raw material for another process and so on. Therefore coconut industry in its natural form is very sustainable by itself.

Because of the volume of business we do, we ensure our principle suppliers are larger enterprises who also practice fair work place activities too.

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