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Charcoal Deodorizer Bags - Pillow Shape

Why Activated Charcoal?


Our Activated Charcoal based Charcoal Deodorizer bags - Pillow SHape are used as odor removers in closed areas like Wardrobes, Shoe Racks, Cars, Rooms, Bath rooms, toilets etc. 

We use sustainably sourced,  100% Coconut Shell Charcoal that is activated at high temperature steam in scientific method. This process of activation opens the small pores in the Carbon and thus increases its surface area to a big scale. This absorbs the odor and smell from the air along with the moisture.


Does it contain Plastics?

Our products are 100% eco friendly and natural. Its is 100% plastic free in sense and meaning. Unlike traditional methods, we use proprietary cotton fabric, an inhouse technology developed by us R&D, as inner sac and the out sac is made from uncoated and unprocessed Jute fabric.


Is it Sustainable?

Sustainability is the core of our company's work custure.


We start from world renowned SEDEX certified work place. Our employees are allowed  to work without discrimination, in a comfortable working environment, with government specified wages and other remuneration, traning and self development .

Our factory is audited by EUROCERT time to time apart from regular audits of our renowned customers across the world



While work place sustainability is given, our souricing sees the next dimension in sustainablity practices.


We source more than 60% of the raw materials from less than 100Kms from our factory. Thus the carbon foot print is greatly reduced. All the carbon generated in the process of making charcoal and transporting to our factory for further value addition, is more than offset by the Coconut trees during their life and therefore it is a carbon negative product at our site.

  • We are always open to our Customer's packing preferences. As of our Charcoal Odor Absorbent bags are concerned, we use a standard small box which can be custom printed with customer's design. Non restricting to this, we can also do a variety of different packing customizations as per the needs of the customer.

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