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Coconut Dish Wash Scrubbers 4"x6"

This is an eco friendly offering towards the regular polluting kitchen scrubbers/ scorers.

Derived from natural coconut, the coconut coir is a natural fiber. It is combined with natural latex to make the Coconut Dish Wash Scrubbers.


This product is safe for use by children and it also does not scratch the expensive cookware.


Every year millions of used kitchen & cleaning scourers made from plastic / sponge / steel / woven material are thrown away into land, water and/or burnt into air which leads a big negative environment impact. As everything, change starts from home and so let us start with replacing the kitchen scrubbers with an Eco-friendly alternative like our Coconut Kitchen Scrubber and lets us be ambassadors of change and environment protection.

  • We are always open to our Customer's packing preferences. As of our Coconut Kitchen Scrubbers are concerned, we use a banderole type printed paper label with customer's design. Not restricting to this, we can also do a variety of different packing customizations as per the needs of the customer.

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