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So what is this Combo pack?

A Combo pack is essentially an assortment of different eco-friendly products.

When we mean 'BATH COMBO' is the finely chosen assortment of Eco-Friendly daily morning shower needs.


What are included in the 'GREAT BATH COMBO'?

Well, we can customize and work as per your wish here. However, our general idea is to include the following

1) Coconut Bath Loofah - 1 pc

2) Heart Shape/ Round Shape Natural Stitched loofah- 1 pc

3) Loofah based back-brush with wooden handle- 1 pc

4) Bamboo ToothBrush - 1 pc

5) Bamboo Tongue Cleaner -1 pc

6) Coconut Shell Charcoal Odor Absorbent - 1 pc

7) Wickers basket - 1 Pc to place the above products

8) Outer plain carton box


Can we customize the GREAT BATH COMBO?

Yes, it is possible. One can change the quantity of each of the included products, printing on each of its individual packing, printing on the outer box, engraving on the wooden handles, Greeting message cards and anything in the imagination of yours. We will be as flexible and supportive as possible in packaging customization.


What else can we add into this?

Apart from our above selection of our in house goods, we also offer the below to be added to the Combo Packs, which can be added as per your wish

1) Goat Milk Soap Bars

2) Avarampoo Soap Bars

3) Beetroot powder for face packs

4) Coconut Shell Soap holders

5) Coconut Shell Bowls with Candles


Who are the targeted Customers?

These combo packs are wonderful items for exchange gifts, corporate gifts, travel kits and even general purchases.

This Christmas / New year season is a wonderful time where these Eco-Friendly products can replace any of the traditional gifts. Let us, along with your customers, together take a grad step forward towards an eco-friendly transition this upcoming festive season.


I am sure you would now have questions on the MOQ, Prices etc. We will be very happy to work with you on this, with very low MOQ, and industry best prices. Please shoot us a short email  and we can discuss what customizations we need to work on this and accordingly work out the best prices.

Please  write us your  requirement or your queries below.
We will contact you at the earliest
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