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VETI VER Bath Brush

VETI VER Bath Brush

Veti Ver is the root of Vetiver plant native to India. These roots have natural fresh fragnance and are used in traditional ayurvedic and sidha therapeutics from age unknown.


These vetiver roots are harvested and processed without chemicals and sustainable made into bath loofah or bath scrubs for skin exfoliation and massage. 


These are a wonderful and fragrant replacement to traditional natural loofah for skin care. This product also finds application in Massage, Spa, Pedicure and Manicure.


  • We are always open to our Customer's packing preferences. As of our Coconut Bath Loofah are concerned, we use a standard small box which can be custom printed with customer's design. Non restricting to this, we can also do a variety of different packing customizations as per the needs of the customer.

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