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Natural Coconut Body Loofah

This made from 100% natural coconut fibers stitched in a handy circular fashion. The eco friendly Coconut Fiber Bath loofah has soft-ack with an elastic holder for ergonomics. The round shape is so comfortable for use and its an overall pleasing product.


Getting the size right!!

Most bath loofah/sponges do not get the size right.We found it one important factor to keep the shape and size functional and still compact. Our  Coconut Fibre bath loofah shall  fit in your travel kit perfectly too.



The soft back with elastic holder will be definitely appreciated when you have lather on your body. After use, the hook in the Coconut Fibre body loofah lets it dry with ease..


Natural Coconut Fibers

Un processed, natural Coconut fibres will do the ayurvedic effect on your body
Your daily shower or weekly manicure/pedicure will now have a touch of  nature. The total product  is carbon negative and so even a disposal after use will not let you feel guilty!!

  • We are always open to our Customer's packing preferences. As of our Coconut Bath Loofah  are concerned, we use a standard small box which can be custom printed with customer's design. Non restricting to this, we can also do a variety of different packing customizations as per the needs of the customer.

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