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Coir Pith Pellets

Coconut Coir Pith Pellets are Coco peat in disc/pellet form for seeding


Premium and naturally aged coir, sieved and well formed to shape


Available in Dia 30mm, Dia 40mm, Dia 60mm, Dia 100mm, Dia 120mm


Packed in carton boxes or shrink wraped as ber customer requirements

  • Coconut Coir is a natural fiber powder from coconut husk. The coconut husk seems to contain 70% coir pith and 30% coir fibers. These Coir Pith are suitabky prepared and made into pellets of sizes D30 mm , D40 mm, D50mm and D60mm.


    The pellets shall be packed in carton boxes and will be loaded on a container.

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