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Coconut Coir Blocks

''Brown Gold'' is our brand of Coconut Coir Blocks.


"Brown Gold" is premium quality superior grade coconut coir pith blocks that are made with care and packed in LDPE bags.This is a special product made under uncompromising quality for the export market. For further details, please contact a sales representative of TRANSION EXPORT


Each block of 5 Kg can expand upto 70L of Water. Used in Hydrophonics, Gardening & Seedings

  • Coco Pith is used a Solid Additive. It is mixed with Nutrients and used as growing medium for plants.


    Advantages of COCONUT PEAT / COIR PITH:
    1) Excellent water retaining property, aerates & aggregates soil
    2) Natural fiber – De-composable, Organic
    3) Naturally nutritious material – Supplemental effect to fertilizers
    4) Increases soil’s micro flora growth
    5) Improves irrigation efficiency



    Each of our Coir Pith blocks  through a serious of steps under  supervision of highly skilled workers in some of the high standard factories before getting the final shape. By means of our quality inspections and strict protocol of procedures for material selection, processing, machinery and packaging, we ensure your crops will get the best nutrient supplement through our peat bricks.


    Coconut coir pith comes as a by-product during extraction of Fiber and is Collected and stored where it is watered & washed to reduce the EC levels. The Washing is done periodically & the pith/peat is tested for the EC levels. Once the EC is tested for desired levels the Pith is screened for Particle size and Sand removal. This allows the Peat to contain fiber at Desired levels. The Coir Pith is then compacted into desired size blocks.


    We are engaged in production and supply of Coir pith blocks in the following forms,

    1) Blocks of 5 kg each

    2) Bricks of 650g each

  • We offer the following 4 types of packaging,

    1) Individual LDPE Bags with OEM Branding

    2) Pallet Stuffing

    3) Direct Stuffing

    5) Bundle Stuffing


    Individual LDPE Bags with OEM Branding:

    Virgin LDPE colour bags of 100-150u with ‘D punching’ for ease of handling are used. The bags shall be customized with buyers company name and logo if desired.

    Every Coir Block will be individually packed in the bags and then palletized or directly stuffed into the container.


    Bundle Stuffing:


    The coco peat blocks of 5 x 5kg,3 x 5 Kg, 4 X 5 Kg blocks are packed in a poly bag and then strapped. Bundle packs will be loaded in a 40 HC container which 26 MT


    Pallet Stuffing:


    • Each pallet contain 220 (approx.) blocks and then Covered by stretch film
    • 20 Pallets can be loaded in a 40' HC Container ( ~24 MT )


    Direct Stuffing:


    The coco peat blocks are directly loaded into the 40’ container. This method reduces the loading cost and also increases the quantity being transported.


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